Mentorship in the Academic Development of a Student

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Pic: Ishmael addressing the Madiba Secondary School students during the Botswana Education Hub Top Achievers Roadshow.

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The African Women Leadership Academy Mentorship Program Launch


The African Women Leadership Academy is a non-profit making organisation, which was registered ion the 5th ofMay 2010 under the directorship of Dr M. M. Gilika. It was created to empower young women and girls through networking, mentoring and leadership skills training. It has developed a leadership training programme focusing on character and confidence building, enhancing self-esteem, and resilience building, which may contribute to exceptional school performance and general life skills empowerment for the youth.

TAWLA’s mentoring programme pairs a youth with a caring, responsible mentor, who is trained to focus on trust building, encouragement, and positive reinforcement to inspire and motivate the mentee to achieve personal goals.


  • Acquire skills, open new doors, increase confidence and self- esteem
  • Enhance career and life skills
  • meeting and networking with the right people which can lead to opportunities
  • access to a support system during critical stages of college and career development
  • clear understanding and  enhancement of academic and career development plans
  • ability to develop mentoring relationships in industries where mentoring is not readily available
  • exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences
  • a lasting career network


  1. Director of Ceremony
  2. Welcome remarks
  3. Key note guest speaker: REMARKS BY USAID DIRECTOR
  4. Mentoring Presentation: 
  5. Reflection by Mentee: REMARKS BY A MENTEE
  6. Reflection by Mentor: REMARKS BY A MENTOR
  7. Vote of Thanks

Women and Leadership

It is important to nurture the girl-child into becoming the women leaders of tomorrow because, as the saying goes, “ women are mother’s of the nation”.   Instilling in young women the courage and confidence to know that they can achieve and become anything they dream will result in more women being leaders of our society.

Young girls should have role models who they cannot only look up to, but also be mentored by. There is nothing quite as powerful a learning tool as a living example that can be imitated and to make one believe that they can be just as great as the person they look up to.

For more women, young and old, being in leadership positions- whether they be political, community leadership positions or corporate, there is a need for grooming to start from an early age. Let the girl-child grow up knowing and believing that she can be everything and anything she wants to be.

Tips on how the girl-child can be groomed into leaders of tomorrow

  1. Motivational talks at schools: Talks should be conducted by influential, successful women and men who the young girls can look up to or see as role models.
  2. Mentorship programme: Girls can be attached to an inspiring individual in professional spheres that she is interested in venturing into when she grows older.
  3. Interaction with like-minded young girls and women.
  4. Encourage full participation and dedication to school for a better future.

Thank you to my mentor Ms N. Mwelase for her daily motivation. HAPPY WORLD POPULATION DAY!!!