Dr Magaret Nasha: 1st Woman Parliament Speaker

nashaNasha; affectionately known as “Nanamyana” was born in Kanye, South East Botswana. She is the first female speaker of Parliament in Botswana.

Nasha is a shrewd politician who has advantage of exposure for having served the country as a civil servant in her heyday. This gives her extensive knowledge of the government systems and procedures. She has worked at the department of Broadcasting for 20 years and has served as the Botswana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and then Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. She later joined politics and has first entered Cabinet in 1994, serving at some of the powerful ministries of Local Government; where her relationship and appreciation of the traditional courts and chiefs was marveled. She has also served as the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration. She is very outspoken and she has attracted sobriquets like “The Iron Lady of the BDP” mainly because of her firmness. At political rallies and parliament debates, Nasha never ceased to amaze. She has chaired the powerful BDP Women’s Wing with aplomb as well as chairing the part’s sub-committee of Political Education and Election Committee (PEEC). She has received several awards including President’s Order of Honour, Botswana.

Nasha is a Children’s rights activist; she is one of the people who encourages Botswana government to create laws and institutions in line and accordance with the convention on the rights of the children.

“You think just because you are wearing pants you are better than me…?” Nasha

Molaya Kgosi Team