The First Woman from Botswana to visit the Antarctic

On the Edge of the Extreme

International Antarctic Expedition 2013

The International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) is a 14-day excursion of the Antarctic Peninsula for a select group (40-70) of aspiring international leaders led by Robert Swan and his team of Antarctic and leadership experts.

The Focus

The expedition has the dual purpose of educating the participants in environmental issues and sustainability as well as leadership, teamwork and action. Participants explore the extraordinary and harsh Antarctic environment whilst simultaneously partaking in Robert Swan’s Leadership on the Edge Program.  The unique Antarctic experience aims to build personal leadership skills, inspire change and create committed global educational and environmental ambassadors.

The Alumni

Many of the IAE’s alumni share their Antarctic experiences and personal stories at seminars, conferences and schools worldwide to advocate for environmental action and awareness.  Notable achievements include:

  • Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Ali Al Nuaimi’s (IAE 2010) contribution towards launching an official campaign to lobby the Ajman Government of the United Arab Emirates to become the first Middle Eastern country to sign the Antarctica Treaty.
  • Jesse Baker (IAE 2009) founded a non-profit, Ecofficiency, which aims to reduce waste and pollution by advancing an ethic of consumer responsibility.
  • Richard Dunne (IAE 4 & 5 team member) received the Ashden Award for his ongoing work to reduce his school’s carbon footprint.
  • Wendy Gediman (IAE 2008) created the ‘Environmental Club 2041’ at her school, TASIS, in England.

Africans to have participated in the program include:

  • Kylie O’Donoghue of South Africa (2009)
  • Michael-Donovan Ezielo of Nigeria who aims to become the first West African on Antarctica in IAE 2013.

Our Leader: Robert Swan, OBE

Robert Swan is a British polar explorer and an active leader in global environmental preservation and sustainability. He has attained a BA Honours in Ancient History from Durham University (UK) and a Doctorate of Letters from the Robert Gordon University (UK). Robert was the first person in history to walk to both the North (1989) and South (1986) Poles and has been awarded numerous accolades (Polar Medal 1987; UN Global 500 award 1990; Officer of the Order of the British Empire 1995; the Smithsonian Award for IT in Education and Academia 1998) as well as been appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for both UNEP (1989) and UNESCO (1992). He has led numerous UN global initiatives for sustainable development, set-up a world first education station in Antarctica solely reliant on renewable energy (E-base) and founded the Robert Swan Foundation charity (1993) that aims to promote youth and scientific endeavour in the environment.  Robert is a world-renowned expert on leadership and motivation and first ran the International Antarctic Expedition with his company, 2041, in 2003.

My Story: Lillian Nkosazana Moremi

My name is Lillian Nkosazana Moremi and I am the Coordinator of Dūcere Foundation, Gaborone, the capital city of Botswana. My passion is to inspire and educate the youth on leadership and environmental issues in my country. I am about to join a team of men and women in “Leadership on the Edge” program. In doing so I shall become Botswana’s first female to travel to the Antarctic to fly the Botswana flag for peace, leadership and learning.

The Opportunity

This opportunity is quite extraordinary as it allows me to explore and consider the extremes of two worlds. My leadership of Dūcere Foundation Botswana, a charitable organization committed to grooming future leaders in Africa is a natural evolution of my role as founder and career coach of an educational non-profit organization called Botswana Student Network Society.

My Passion

I am passionate about education, “the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” as stated by the remarkable Nelson Mandela. I graduated from the University of Cape Town with an Accounting degree. During my varsity days I struggled to identify where my true passion lay.  Eventually my involvement in extra-mural activities helped me to identify my passion of which is engaging in learning and leading-based activities as well as events management.

Spirit to Change

From a very young age giving back to society, in the form of my time or the little bit of cent I gave to a homeless or needy person, has always been my first love. My love and care for the underprivileged communities build me into a responsible social entrepreneur which catapulted me to start the non-profit student organization run by students across Botswana. My voluntary work with Botswana Student Network Society helps in motivating the youth of Botswana about positive responsible living as a new generation. With a group of inspired youth volunteers we facilitate career guidance and motivational talks, public speaking workshops, leadership seminars. One of the goals of the organization is to facilitate environmental awareness campaigns and talks amongst the youth hence my involvement with the Antarctic expedition is very crucial.

My Work

As the Co-ordinator of Dūcere Foundation Botswana, we work in partnership with the highest levels of African government in transforming public school systems in Africa. By establishing education principles and practice unparalleled in philosophy, design, innovation, problem solving and engagement with industry, we ensure that children are provided with the opportunity to live, learn and grow into tomorrow’s leaders. In leading the team of mentors, I come face to face with change management every day. The environmental awareness initiatives borne out of the Antarctic experience will further empower my involvement with organizations in Botswana that are passionate about youth development, particularly in the area of environmental awareness issues, to make a long lasting impact not only in Botswana but the rest of Africa by collaborating with other African youth organizations.

My Excitement

Can you imagine? I am excited to attend the 2013 “Leadership on the Edge” program as I believe this experience will expose me to the world I have never seen before. I will learn a lot about environmental issues from a global perspective and ways of engaging schools and their communities to solve global-warming matters. This experience will not only help me expand my knowledge of environmental matters but will enable me to be a change agent through my work across Africa.

My Commitment after the Antarctic Expedition;

  • Collaborate with schools across Botswana and the rest of Africa to encourage students to develop their own environmental projects and become Tomorrow’s Leaders;
  • Raise awareness through media engagement;
  • Write a book about my experience focusing on motivation, leadership, teamwork and personal development.

My Gratitude

So far I would like to thank Robert Swan and his team, Dūcere’s Founder Mat Jacobson, my colleagues and my family for their support. To my potential sponsors, I would also like to thank you in advance for your kind gesture of supporting a vibrant young lady who is full of potential and hungry for learning and experiencing different cultures and places.


Antarctic Expedition – A journey of a lifetime. Indeed like Eleanor Roosevelt stated – the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.